Chords at Your Fingertips

All the guitar chords you will need at your side

Chords at Your Fingertips

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All the guitar chords you will need at your side.

CHORDS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS is the English version of Akkorde griffbereit. The book is available worldwide at Amazon.

CHORDS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS contains all the chords, open chords, power chords and barre chords that you need to play the guitar. More than 2,500 guitar chords in all keys are hand-picked and ready to use. Clearly arranged, you’ll quickly find the appropriate chord shape for each situation. CHORDS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS is the handy companion for anyone who plays the guitar!

- more than 2,500 chords
- hand-picked, ready to play
- open chords, power chords, barre chords
- clearly arranged
- for all keys
- for all styles
- for every guitar player

Get you copy at Amazon

A Kindle version is also available.

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